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Fonte Grande di Civitanova. This is a fountain constructed between the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Built as public fountain probably ancient plant on the third century, with washrooms and used for the supply of water, over time has come under constant renovation and extension. In the left side there is […]

Past and present II

“In 1060 the Normans made Lanciano a centre of the unified Kingdom of Sicily. Lanciano flourished again and in 1340 it was the largest city in Abruzzo with 6,500 inhabitants, renowned industries (ceramics, wool, silk, goldworks, ironworks), receiving important privileges by both Frederick II and his son Manfred, with a […]


Federico Spoltore (Lanciano, 18 July 1902 – Lanciano, 15 April 1988) was an Italian painter. Since early youth showed great artistic sensibility, attracting the attention of local artists such as Basilio Cascella and Francesco Paolo Michetti. After high school, attended in his hometown, thanks to a grant of the Province, […]

Via Federico Spoltore

Under the Frentani, Lanciano was probably under the influence of Greater Greece. After the end of the Samnite Wars, which saw the Frentani allied with the Romans, Lancianum obtained the status of municipium. It was probably a flourishing commercial site, across an ancient and important trade route connecting Pescara to […]