Portus Veneris

Portus Veneris was the name of a Byzantine landing place at the mouth of the Sangro river (the Byzantines controlled parts of southern Italy until the 11th century).

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  • http://www.pa-photography.co.za/blogger.html Philip

    Fantastic capture the composition really leads you eye into the picture well done!

  • http://www.simonecolferai.com Simone

    Un luogo veramente suggestivo, non lo conosco personalmente ma penso che la tua composizione gli renda giustizia…la prospettiva che hai scelto è ottima! Ciao

  • http://www.urbanshoot.canalblog.com YannH76

    Very beautiful, with nice compo !

  • http://ines-bricks.aminus3.com/ inés

    Belle idée, miroir ô mon beau miroir, jette un pont entre lui et moi …

  • http://www.sentimientos.it/ Alex

    Me encanta la profundidad de campo, parece no tener fin, el encuadre bestial, por no hablar de la compo…saludos.

  • http://alaukika.aminus3.com Ajay

    Is that reflect of the bridge? It's difficult to figure out because the hill doesn't look like is having a reflection, only the bridge. Mysterious, I would say.

  • http://e-motion.in/pastels/colorstreak/ Ankush.

    Nice symmetric shot, great reflections.

  • http://standley.shutterchance.com/ standley

    A stunning composition. The perspective is fabulous!

  • http://www.mxtorabi.com mehdi

    Superb perspective, This places are amazing.

  • http://gbephotography.aminus3.com/ grant

    stunning, magical!

  • http://www.aadesanya.com aadesanya.com

    Nice symmetry and reflections.

  • http://www.shutterchance.com/timhitchins tim

    stunning perspective, what a superb shot that is.

  • http://ourtwosense.aminus3.com/ Ronnie 2¢

    Reflected reflections . . what a magical illusion this creates. Very nicely done.

  • http://immaginigrammi.aminus3.com/ Riccardo

    Eccezionale profondità di campo…belle queste tonalità di grigio.

  • http://groenkemarquez.pixyblog.com groenkemarquez

    Beautiful perspective and reflections !!!

  • http://trestrisqueles.blogspot.com/ Merce

    Fantastic depth and beautiful symmetry

  • http://www.blancoynegroyque.com.ar Federico

    The reflections and composition are really nice.

  • http://lowrevolution.my-expressions.com/ david

    superb…love this scene

  • http://japanalia.aminus3.com Gabriela

    What a view in such a lovely light!

  • http://www.2-see.org/blog/ Phototherapy

    Beautiful symetrical composition. I like the wonderful reflections.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/anxanum/2094314706/#comment72157624859966741 artland

    This is a wonderful shot!
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