I wish you a happy new year


  1. rapis60  Reply
  2. ♥NFlove♥ Reply
  3. Giorgio Milazzo Reply
  4. D. K. Sutton Reply

    I love the stark difference between the sharp edges of the glasses against the soft background and surroundings.

  5. Ginnie Reply

    This is a wonderfully symbolic image, Olivier, for the first day of the new year. I love it. I think it’s probably good that we can’t see into the new year to know what all will happen. We will see it as it comes, one day at a time. Thank you for inspiring this thought.

  6. Journey Photographic Reply

    A simple, graphic shot that works wonderfully. I love the light in this shot. Happy New Year!

  7. theysroland Reply

    Excellent photo! Happy new year!

  8. Olivier Reply

    An beautiful simplicty in this composition.So good!

  9. Furax Reply

    Cool photo !
    Happy new year 2011 !

  10. Tom Clark Reply

    Wonderful simple shot.

    Happy New Year! :-)

  11. Krunal Reply

    brilliant shot, Happy New Year

  12. Jingz Reply

    quite nice b/w photography. wonderful sharpness and DOF.

  13. Laurent Reply

    happy new year to you.
    Just a perfect monochrome treatment with a perfect DOF

  14. martin_d Reply

    happy new year to you too! :)

  15. x-ray Reply

    Nice site, nice and easy on the eyes and great content too.

  16. Remus Reply

    I like the contrast between the front and the back.
    Well done!

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